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Services I offer


Career / Business
    • Career Exploration that aligns with passion and purpose
    • Career Development Coaching (Individual & Group)                                            
    • Career Transitioning Coaching (Individual & Group)
    • Corporate Training Services

Our mission is to help Millennials and Gen Z find and fulfill their passion and purpose through career and business.  We provide guidance to Millennials and Gen Z by clarifying their purpose in career or business, achieving career goals and providing the fundamentals on how to improve performance in their current career.

We provide services such as resume reviews, mock interviews, personality tests, seminars, workshops and more.

Our goal is to help fellow Millennials and the next generation live fulfilling and enriching lives.

Motivational Speaking

We speak at high schools, colleges, churches, community centers and various events concerning fulfilling your purpose through career and business.  We teach the value of living in your purpose through career and business.  The next generation will know that working just to pay bills in not the only option for them. 

Please call or email for booking.


Events, weddings and more

I have planned several events over the years for church, birthday parties, seminars and even my own wedding.  If you’re interested in event planning services, please contact me today!