New Year, Same Goals!

Happy New Year!

The title may be a little confusing, so let me explain.  We are so used to hearing the saying “New Year, New Me”, which is fine but did you achieve all or any of the goals you set the previous year?  For some of us, if we do not achieve all of our goals from the previous year, we take it as a loss.  We deem the previous year a horrible year for us and think we need a fresh start.  Well, I want to encourage you to lose that way of thinking.  Just because LIFE happened and you were unable to achieve some or any of your goals, doesn’t mean you’re a failure and have to write a new set of goals.  Keep that same goal list you wrote at the start of the previous year or even that list you wrote 3 years ago.  Keep going and keep pushing forward! Writing new goals and tweaking your goal list is fine, just don’t give up on what you originally set out to do!  You have your entire life ahead of you and there are circumstances that will throw you off course at times, but keep at it! Get back on your feet and keep going after those goals.

My motto for this year is to take action.  I have the same goals as last year; however, my plan is to do what I set out to do that I didn’t get a chance to last year.  I had a lot going on in 2018; however, I am not allowing that to cause me to give up on what I set to do last year, this year and the next few years. So for me, it’s a new year; however, I have the same goals and I’m the same me, just better!

Happy 2019 Everyone! 🙂

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