Finding Purpose in Your 9-5

Contrary to popular belief, you can find purpose through your 9-5 or “real job” as some call it.  For some, when finding your purpose is discussed, the first thing that comes to mind is entrepreneurship.  You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to fulfill your purpose through your work.  Honestly, you can find purpose in a hobby you enjoy; however, for this piece, I will focus on work.  There are plenty of careers that are extremely customer service focused.  Your purpose can be served by bringing joy and hope to the customers you serve.  You may not know this; however, a kind word or a smile can really make someone’s day.  If you’re a doctor, you serve a purpose by bringing in life or saving lives.  If you’re a lawyer, you serve a purpose by fighting for justice to bring about a change or award for your client.  If you work in a corporate environment, your purpose may be to implement the necessary changes that grow the company or department and create a more positive environment for employees.  You could also be the employee that brings joy, laughter and creative ideas to the workplace to enhance engagement.

In order to find your purpose in the workforce, you have to be honest with yourself.  What is it that you, as an employee, want to see in the workforce? If you were in your client’s or customer’s shoes, what would you want to see? What will make you happy by working there? In my training course, I teach on how to find out what your purpose is.  Your purpose is birthed out of your passion.  Your passion and purpose go hand in hand. What is something you love to do without getting paid? Do you enjoy coming up with new and fresh ideas to bring about a change? How can you tie that into your current job or new career? It’s easy to go into work every day and do the minimal requirements, then leave.  But what are you getting out of that? Let’s face it, everyone is not meant to become an entrepreneur.  Being an entrepreneur looks and can sound glamorous once the business is established; however, it doesn’t start out that way.  Honestly, even when the business is established, it is not always glamorous because you are always working to keep it going.  Employees or not, a real owner is still working around the clock to make sure things are done and ran properly.  It takes a certain type of personality and mindset to start, successfully run and sustain a business.  Being an entrepreneur is HARD work and takes SACRIFICE; any entrepreneur will tell you that.  With that being said, you can certainly find your purpose with a company that is already established; they NEED you! We still need individuals in companies that already exist.

Follow your own path and not the paths of those you see on TV or social media.  Search deep within and you will know what route to take.  Before leaving your current job or career, find out if there is something you can do to bring about a change.  If not, there are plenty of other jobs and careers out there.  Keep following your dreams!

Until next time! 😉

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