What is a Career Coach?

Hi Everyone, for those who have questions on what we do, please see below! 🙂

What is a career coach?
  • Career coaches help people for a living
  • They assist with career related issues & services
  • Act as a guide for clients who need help clarifying their purpose concerning their career, performance improvement or just help achieving their career goals.
  • Can relate to organizational dynamics and the business world
  • Do not require an advanced degree or need a degree in psychology or counseling
When to reach out to a Career Coach
  • When you’re in transition and don’t know what to do next
  • When you need help establishing your career or business goals
  • When you have career goals; however, you need the motivation & guidance to reach them
  • When you need assistance with career performance and how to get to the next level in your career
  • When you need to connect with people from the industries you want to get into
What makes an effective Career Coach?
  • One who is a great listener
  • A motivator
  • One who is upfront with the client about what they charge, what they do & outlines clear expectations for the client
  • One who is confident in the services they provide
  • One who is empathetic and tries to establish a relationship with the client
  • One who genuinely cares about their clients
What do Career Coaches do?
  • Get an overview of the clients career experience and find out what the client is looking to get out of the coaching services
  • Set clear expectations of what the client will receive from their services
  • Put together an action plan based on the clients needs and goals
  • Help with resume writing
  • Interview coaching
  • Give personality tests
  • Put together workshops
How to find a Career Coach
  • LinkedIn
  • Internet search engines
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • Friends, family & co-workers who have used them
  • Networking events
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