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I am so excited to announce that on October 21, 2017 I married my best friend! I am so late obviously but we have really been busy with trips and the holidays! The wedding was absolutely amazing and breathtaking.  It was very small with less than 60 guests, including the wedding party.  We wanted something intimate and small because we wanted the people closest to us to share our special day with us.  Also, we wanted to save money and use the extra money we had towards our honeymoon! Our wedding was held in my hometown, along the beach.  The weather was GORGEOUS!! You would have never known it was the end of October.  I mean, we were truly blessed.  We really had no back up plan in the event it rained.

After the wedding, we flew to Cancun, Mexico and stay at the Excellence Playa Mujeres.  It was located in Playa Mujeres which is right outside of Cancun.  The resort was BEAUTIFUL! So luxurious and 5 stars.  It was so worth it to have a smaller wedding and amazing honeymoon.  I would highly recommend it, unless you are just BALLIN’! lol

A week after our honeymoon, we went to Bermuda for my Dad’s 60th birthday! Bermuda was also AMAZING!!! Definitely a blessing to have been able to have 2 honeymoons.

We are now almost 3 months in and I am loving it so much.  I will be sure to blog sooner with any other amazing trips or happenings withthe hubster and I.  **MUAH**

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