Never Give Up!

Are you feeling like you’ve tried everything and nothing has panned out they way you thought it would? Did you come up with a good idea and you still haven’t been able to get it off of the ground? Have you applied and interviewed numerous times with no luck & ready to throw in the towel? If you answered yes to those questions or dealing with something similar, I just have 3 words for you: Don’t Give Up!!

I have been there before.  Soooo many times!  I mean, I still have days when I’m like, what in the world is going on?!? But when I start thinking that way, I have to remind myself that God still has a plan for me.  I also have to ask myself, am I trusting in God and giving Him my situation or am I trying to do everything on my own & in my own timing?  It’s usually the latter and some times it is so hard but we have to trust in the Lord.

Also, the most successful people in life have had to try, try and try again.  Failing does not make you a failure.  Giving up after you have failed makes you a failure.  So what the original business you came up with didn’t work out, on to the NEXT! If you’re truly entrepreneur minded, you’re always coming up with stuff.  Brainstorm and get back into it! OR so what you didn’t get that job…it wasn’t for YOU! If it was meant for you, you would have gotten it.  If it was the role God had for you, you would have gotten it.  You’re probably not supposed to be doing that anyway OR you would’ve hated working there after you started.  There are reasons behind everything.  Sometimes God will even give you something to show you that it wasn’t something you really wanted or needed.  Sometimes we’re too hardheaded and need the wake up call.  But anyway, back to my point, whatever it is you feel like giving up on, DON’T!  Keep going, keep at it, something is going to happen for you.  Keep educating yourself, keep thinking of new ideas.  Keep doing whatever it is that is going to take you further.

YOU got this!  YOU are in control of your own Destiny.  YOU decide which road in life to take.  Never give up.  Continue on to what you have been called to do.  I promise it will happen for you when it is time.  You will appreciate the struggle in the long run.


If you’re struggling with what it is you should be doing, please contact me.  I can help you figure it out and we will work towards it together.

Be blessed 🙂

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